Framework, an instrumental trio from the Twin Cities, has two CDs out, featuring many original compositions, as well as creative arrangements of pre-existing material. Featuring legendary drummer, Jay Epstein, and powerhouse bassist, Chris Bates, the group covers a wide range of grooves, from Jazz waltzes to odd-meter Fusion, but can still swing with the best of them!

Listen to their latest album HERE

Their “Cognitive Dissonance” is based on a “Pre-Conceived Notion” of reality, causing them to have “Tortured Thoughts” about the so-called “Changes We Can Believe In,” causing society to “Relapse” to a reactionary time, before “Dawkins” and “Hitchens” showed some of us the path to enlightenment; a time when writing a loving “Valentune” wasn’t followed by three ignorant statements, replacing our joy with three times the sadness; a “Bluetrois,” you might say. 

“Anyway…,” I think it’s time for a “New Anthem.” 

...or two.